Pourquoi investir sur les talents ? in English


marqueur-politiqueBecause investing in your weaknesses often leads to failure while backing your talents brings success. Take a person who is tall, highly coordinated and quick, with the right training this person could make a great basketball player. On the other hand, take a small, lightly-built person, one who has a way with animals, this person might make a great jockey. Many of us know this intuitively and are also convinced that it would be difficult for the taller of the two to make it as a jockey. So too does it go in the workplace.


Because each of us has one chance in 33 million to meet someone with the same Top 5 talents in the same order. Nobody is perfect and this is excellent news because our differences are the source of incredible wealth and offer infinite possibilities for collaboration and co-creation.

Because by working on your talents you can develop new strengths, and do so throughout your life. The constant evolution of companies means we simply must work on the employability of our employees. Helping everyone to understand their talents and develop their strengths enables everyone to adapt more easily to the necessary changes in the workplace.

Because though this tool might seem new to you, in actual fact it’s been around since the 60’s. The tool we use today was further developed in the late 90’s and has since been adopted by many of the world’s biggest companies. Available in 25 languages, almost 14 million people worldwide already know what their talents are.

People who know their talents, and how to use them, are 6 times more likely to be hired. If they have the opportunity to use their talents every day, they’ll be 7.8% more productive. Teams that focus on their talents see an increase in their daily output of 12.5% and in the profitability of 8.9% (source: GALLUP Journal).