Make me happen in english


One day to shift perspective

Between experience, emotion and performance, this day is based on the well-known american method that detects talents and is used by nearly 14 millions people all over the world : the Gallup StrengthsFinder© test.   If you want to breathe new life or make a strategic shift in your activity, this day is made for you. Come to discover your talents, to dream and visualise your futur and to build your tailor-made toolbox so that you can make your wishes and projects come to life.

At the end of this day you will have:

✗ An excellent understanding of your 5 main talents and their uses.

✗ Visualised and written down your projects.

✗ Made commitments towards yourself.

✗ A personal notebook and a toolbox in order to continue the adventure.



EtoileBleuOffer available in English. Contact us for more information.


 Next Sessions : May 27th & June 24th, 2016